vom Laerchenhain

Wodan vom Laerchenhain VA(SA)

Normal, AD, SchH2, Kkl. 1 for Life, VA(SA)

Sire: *Negus vom Holtkaemper See, SchH3, Kkl. 1 (for Life), VA

Dam: *Boogie vom Ochsentor, Kkl. 1 (for Life), BH,AD,V,SchH3 IP3 FH2 RH1


Mr R Osman of Linbro Park, Cell phone: 082 888 2867

Breed Survey Report

Good proportions, substantial, dry, firm. very well pigmented, very good expression and very good masculinity. High, long wither, good lines, good  length and lay of croup.  Correct angulations of fore- and hind quarters. Balanced chest proportions, correct front. Correct coming and going. He shows fluent, very powerful, very far reaching movement and good carriage.  TSB pronounced, does release.


2012 NBS Critique

A large, powerful male with an expressive head. Good body proportions. High wither, straight back. The croup is well laid. Very good fore – and hind angulations. Very good chest proportions. Correct coming and going. Very good, far reaching gait.

2013 NBS Critique

Large, powerful, substantial, pronounced masculinity, very good head and expression, well pigmented, normal body proportions. High wither, straight, firm back, the croup is well laid but slightly short. Very good angulations. Balanced chest proportions. Correct in front. Good proportions. Correct in front, correct coming and going. Very good movement.