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You will notice that I have used H-Apache extensively. The rationale behind this seemingly imprudent act is framed by what should be one of a breeders top concerns…. that of ensuring the quality of the GSD breed. As the puppies of a stud dog become part of the legacy of a breeder, unproven stud dogs should be carefully considered. Even one such as H-Apache, who is technically considered a very correct dog with no extremes and a notably balanced temperament. His worth as a stud dog will eventually be in his ability to consistently produce healthy pups with as little faults as possible. This cannot be determined responsibly from one or two litters.

Date of Birth: 6th July 2019
Availability: 1st September 2019
Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

        Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse           H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse   
 A+, AD, V                                             A+, AD, BH, V

Ruzzia, my hooligan. She is such an interesting mixture between lovable and stroppy. You never know what mood she is in. Inside the house she is a darling and just wants to be with you but outside boy or boy does she have energy. She is like a mustang in the wild.

H-Apache is an absolute gentleman, worldly with a never ending attention span. He is an incredible worker and protector. Apache does not belong to me and the owner Bernd Schmidt told me that he leaves his doors open at night. No one will get in and it seems that criminal elements know about this. I absolutely love this dog. It is a great pity that the owner did not carry on with the training as Apache excels in it.

Ruzzia had her pups on the 6.7. I have 5 boys and 2 girls. I have on long coat girl still for sale.

Date of Birth: 9th July 2019
Availability: 3rd September 2019
Eleri of Sharyleigh and Qivo von Kazandi

Eleri of Sharyleigh                                                                   Qivo von Kazandi
                         A+, AD, BH, V                                                     A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V(NBS)

I had bad luck with Eleri. Although we knew she would only have a small litter, I did not expect her to have only one pup. This pup is sold. I feel very sorry for all the clients who wanted a pup from her. Since she only had one pup, my vet advised me to mate her straight away once she comes back into season.

Date of Birth: 11th July 2019
Availability: 5th September 2019

Nivea von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

Nivea von der Weidenstrasse                                           H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
                        A+, AD, V                                                                          A+, AD, BH, V                          

I do not think I ever had a girl like Nivea who just wants to be near me. She gets quite cross with me if I let her into the garden. Her look is priceless – basically telling me ‘how can I desert her’. Her grandmother was very much like Nivea. Her mother however is the total opposite. Quite interesting how genes work.

I have given a brief write up on Apache under Ruzzia’s litter details and do not have to add anything. This combination is more for the gentle person who does not want to be engaged by the dog all the time. These pups will be very human orientated.

Nivea whelped on the 11.7. I had 7 pups, 4 boys and 3 girls. Unfortunately I lost one boy. I have one long coat girl for sale.

Expected Date of Birth:  4th August 2019
Availability: 8 weeks from date of actual birth
Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

           Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse                                       H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse    
                             A+, AD, BH, V                                                                             A+, AD, BH, V                              

Lumiia has proven her breed value with her last litters. I expected her to produce well but not that well. I really am surprised what she is pulling out of her genes. Of course it depends also on the breeding partner but so far she is producing top quality to different sires.

Lumiia is a very good looking girl, very substantial and lovely personality. Perhaps she is more an introvert and very much an inside dog. If I do not have females with their pups in my bedroom, Lumiia and Jest sleep with me. The others sleep in the house on their blankets.

Knowing now what Lumiia is producing I am very confident that this litter will also be a smashing success. The pups will offer loyalty, protection and sound characters.

We had Lumiia scanned and we saw 6 pups. I have received 5 bookings for this litter already. We now have to wait what the sex distribution is.

Expected Date of Birth: 17th August 2019
Availability: 8 weeks from actual date of birth
Eju von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

                        Eju von der Weidenstrasse                                        H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse    
                                          A+, V                                                                     A+, AD, BH, V                                 

Eju is the complete opposite to her mother Woxi von Frechenhausen. Woxi was a life wire, loved to show off in the show ring, and whatever she did, she did with gusto. Eju is a quiet unassuming female.  She loves to take your hand and walk around with you. She is friendly and not moody at all. It will be very interesting whether some of the grandmothers genes will come through. Eju is very well constructed and did well in her first show. Since she is a Wasim daughter and having been mated to Apache, this litter will be of excellent quality.

Bookings are open!

Expected Date of Birth: 23rd August 2019
Availability: 8 weeks from actual date of birth
*Wonja von Frechenhausen and *Wasim von der Weidenstrasse

*Wonja von Frechenhausen                                         *Wasim von der Weidenstrasse
                     A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                            A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                      

Wonja is such a delightful, playful and loving female. I love her drive and her protectiveness. She is of medium size, very good construction and just a happy child. If she wants your attention, she picks up a cone or a toy and throws it at you as if to say, now come and play with me.

I have mated her to Wasim again. Wasim is a very large boy and unfortunately they did not like his size in the show ring. He is passing on his black face, masculinity, bone strength, good body proportions and excellent heads. Wasim is very much liked by the public.

This will be a litter for anyone who likes size, substance and good looks.

Bookings are open!