Current and Upcoming litters

Very Exciting Litters coming up!
These litter combinations have been carefully planned to complement each other and bring out the best in the offspring.

We are very proud to announce the following updates and new litters. Please scroll down to see more details

Upcoming litters

  • Haiti von der Weidenstrasse and *Noxie von der Weidenstrasse
  • Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noxie von der Weidenstrasse
  • Xan von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
  • *Trez von der Weidenstrasse and *Armani vom Haus Teichert

Current litters

All current litters have been booked.


Haiti von der Weidenstrasse and *Noxie von der Weidenstrasse
Date of Birth: 10th July 2022
Availability: 4th September 2022

Haiti is a real mummy’s daughter. She has inherited the same traits as Dixie, her mother. If Haiti wants attention, she takes my arm in her mouth and pulls me along. The other trait is when she sees a fly she stops what she is doing and follows the fly. There is not a vicious bone in her body. She is gentle, attentive when she is not distracted and loving.

For this litter I have chosen my stud dog Noxie who has just come into my breeding program. Noxie is a male of excellent quality not only in looks but also temperament. He is everything you want from a German Shepherd. He has a very good stress tolerance, excellent protective instinct. So far all my clients who have Noxie pups are over the moon with the temperament. His protection work needs to be seen, very very impressive.
However, I have to stress that Noxie pups need to be trained.
Haiti has been scanned and my vet counted 7 pups. Haiti and Noxie will also produce a few long coats.

Bookings have been received!

Haiti’s Scan

Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 12th July 2022
Availability: approx. 6th September 2022

How can I describe Ruzzia? Ruzzia, my hooligan. She is such an interesting mixture between lovable and stroppy. You never know what mood she is in. Inside the house she is a darling and just wants to be with you but outside boy or boy does she have energy. She is like a mustang in the wild. She has an exceptionally strong personality and her offspring so far have inherited this trait.

This is the first time I am using Noko for her as a breeding partner. Buyers of the pup can expect lively and self-assured pups. They will like to work and I strongly recommend to start puppy socialization classes as soon as possible.
In her last litter, one year ago, she has produced two class winners in the breed ring and I am convinced we will have the same quality.
Ruzzia was also scanned and my vet unfortunately only counted 4 pups. Since I have received 4 bookings, I have to wait until the pups are born. Perhaps we have a few more.
I am expecting a few long coats from this combination.

Bookings have been received!

Ruzzia’s scan

Xan von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 22nd July 2022
Availability: 16th September 2022

I have difficulties describing Xan, my Jestt/Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse daughter. What is easy to describe is her exterior. She is a glamorous female, very well pigmented (red and black), of correct size and with an excellent construction. She also has a very good coat texture.

However, to describe her inner values will not be easy. I will try. Apart from being sometimes loveable, she   can   be obnoxious, cranky, wild, strong willed, high stress tolerance, very protective and not submissive. I guess I have said enough.

I love this girl although she sometimes drives me mad.

The stud dog I thought would be the right one to soften her sometimes erratic behavior is *Noko of Sharyleigh. Noko has proven to give excellent temperament and  very loveable puppies without loss of the protective instinct. Noko also loves his protection work and in general likes to work to please.

Xan was scanned on the 20.6.2022 and I am very happy to announce that she is confirmed pregnant and we are expecting 8 pups. As this is Xan’s first litter, I am not sure whether she carries the recessive gene for long coats. I know Noko carries the gene.

These puppies are ideal for a very busy family with lots of action and outings. These pups will want to be part of the family.

Bookings have been received!

Xan’s Scan

*Trez von der Weidenstrasse and *Armani vom Haus Teichert
Date of Birth: 14th August 2022
Availability: approx. 9th October 2022

Trez belongs to Miss Amy Nicholl and will be bred under my kennel name.
Puppy enquiries can go to 
Amy at 071 898 6465   or   Maren at 082 489 5699

This is what the owner has to say about Trez: Trez is an absolutely correct female with stunning colour but what makes this girl special is her joyful personality. Trez has a super temperament and has been a keen worker from day one. She gives her all in everything she does, from protection work to showing to cuddling on the couch with her human. 

She completed all her basic qualifications and is now working towards higher qualifications. Trez is an all-rounder with a fantastic personality, willingness to work and good looks. She brings such joy to her owners and we are confident her puppies will do the same for their families. 

After long and heated debates we decided on the well-known proven producer ‘Armani vom Haus Teichert’. Armani has most certainly left his stamp on his offspring. They are good looking, well constructed and excellent temperament. Armani has been progeny group winner for many years. These puppies will not only be suitable as pets but also as working/competition dogs. Since this is Trez’s first litter we do not know whether she will produce a few long coats. We have to wait and see.

Bookings are open

Trez at the National Breed Show 2022

Ibizza von der Weidenstrasse and *Noxie von der Weidenstrasse
Date of Birth: 9th August 2022

Availability: 5th October 2022

Ibizza’s breeding is thrilling. She is a fifth-generation Weidenstrasse descendant.
It all started with the import of Fricka von Batu, who produced Apby. Apby did the Kennel proud, and her daughter, Laiton, became Dixie’s mother. Dixie has consistently produced high-quality puppies, most notably Jabari, a three-time VA. Dixie is still a much-loved member of our family, and her daughter Jestt has stepped in as my matriarch, keeping all the ladies in line. Jestt produced Ibizza, and seeing her grow and mature has been so pleasing as this girl has inherited so much of her grandmother and great grandmother’s mannerisms. I am extremely proud to have produced five generations of this genetically strong bloodline. This line as been integral in the journey to established my type.

Noxie is 3rd generation Weidenstrasse bred; his granddad being the very known *Wasim von der Weidenstrasse, who produced Jaegyr.  Jaegyr is Noxie’s father. Noxie has recently joined the breeding program. Wasim’s has had a significant impact on my ability to breed dark masks with dark eyes.

Ibizza is a well rounded German Shepherd, she loves the showring but her protection work could be stronger. This is also why I chose Noxie, who is brilliant. No one messes with him and his protection work is outstanding. He is extremely strong willed and a real male.

I literally cannot wait for this litter to arrive.

Bookings are open!

A few long coats are being expected.

*Maine von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 14th August 2022

Availability: 9th October 2022

Maine is a very, very playful female. The more the merrier. She shows the same enthusiasm for her protection work as for the breed ring. She often outgaits her competitors, and she loved it.

Maine is a real cuddle bug and adores her mum. Maine has had one litter and boy oh boy are these pups energetic. I have kept a long-coated female Biju and wow does she storm into the house. I am expecting the same in this upcoming litter.

Maine has been mated to Noko and it will be a very interesting combination. They are both very typey and very similar in temperament. I recommend these pups to go to pet owners who want to be kept busy. This is a given.

The pups will be great with children as there is no vicious bone in their make-up.

Maine has produced quite a few long coats in her first litter, so we can expect long coats again as Noko also carries the recessive gene.

Bookings are open!

A few long coats are expected in this litter.