Current and Upcoming litters

Very Exciting Litters coming up!
These litter combinations have been carefully planned to complement each other and bring out the best in the offspring.

We are very proud to announce the following updates and new litters. Please scroll down to see more details

Upcoming litters

Dreams von Kazandi and *Pavlov of Cadeau, Confirmed pregnancy;

Yeva von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh; Confirmed pregnancy;

Ariska von der Weidenstrasse and *Uther of Sharyleigh; Confirmed pregnancy;

Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh; Confirmed pregnancy;

**NEWJuneau von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh; and

**NEWRuzzia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh.

Present Litters:

Coming soon!

Long Coat Litter
Dreams von Kazandi and *Pavlov of Cadeau
Date of Birth: 2nd October 2021
Availability: 27th November 2021

  Dreams von Kazandi                                                                     * Pavlov of Cadeau
                           A+, ED 0:0, AD,  V                                                              A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V           

I am very proud that this litter will be bred under my kennel name. Our beautiful Dream belongs to Prof. Adele Botha, Irene, and any inquiries with regard to booking a pup can go to either myself or to Prof. Botha directly. Her telephone number is: 084 432 3276.
Pavlov is a *Wasim von der Weidenstrasse son and looks very much like his dad.
Dreams’ owner has described her:
Dreamy Girl is an energetic and enigmatic lady, who has a zest for life and loves all sorts of adventure. She never misses an opportunity to explore and is the scout and pathfinder on outings.  She is fiercely loyal and the scourge of every street vendor she encounters. 
Dreamy is a very glamorous girl and loves strutting around, especially if there are some nibbles . She is a keen problem solver, loving all sorts of puzzles, tricks, and toys. She has boundless energy and is the running partner of choice in the house. She loves children and displays a keen intuition of who needs some GSD love. 

I know Pavlov very well from puppy until now. He stayed with me for a while to prepare him for his Breed Survey. He is such a sovereign gentleman, cool, calm and collected. He is a fierce protector of his family and willing to do anything for his human. He loves protection work and most certainly is exciting to watch. I would not say that he loves the show ring that much.
I am very excited about this litter and can ensure buyers that they will get well adjusted pups, self-confident and full of life. They will be big and substantial dogs once matured, definitely no weasels. 

Update 31.08.2021

Great excitement! Our beautiful Dream is pregnant and it will be a large litter. Our vet saw a minimum of 7 – 8 pups. Dream will now be wrapped even more into cotton wool so that nothing goes wrong. 

Bookings have been received but can still take a few more!

Below photo of her scan.

Yeva von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 12th October 2021
Availability: 7th December 2021

Yeva von der Weidenstrasse                                                           *Noko of Sharyleigh
                   A+, ED 0:0, AD, BH, V                                                 A+, ED 0:0, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-22, V

Yeva is a young female and Yasha’s daughter. She is very playful, loving and full of life. This is her second litter and a repeat due to the success of the first litter. It is an absolute pleasure when combinations work out and you produce wonderful pups. These pups will be more for the soft hearted. They will be gentle, easy to please and always around you.

Noko has already made quite a mark as the new stud dog on the block. I am so thrilled with what he is giving me. He is fun, loving, very good protection dog, loves to work and is over all a very happy dog. He has consistently produced puppies that inheret his alertness, excellent color, fun loving nature and of course very good looks.

Updates: 9.9.2021

We seem have to good luck with our litters. Yeva was scanned on Monday, 7.9.21, and she is pregnant. The scan showed us 7 – 8 pups and the progesterone level was 30.83 which is a bit low and Yeva is now on Utrogestan 2 tablets twice daily. We are going again on the10.9.21 for a follow up.

A few bookings are still available!

Below Yeva’s scan

Yeva and Noko

Ariska von der Weidenstrasse and *Uther of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 13th October
Availability: 8th December

                  Ariska von der Weidenstrasse                                                    *Uther of Sharyleigh
                       A+, ED 0:0, AD, BH, V                                                A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

Ariska is my large, oversized baby. I am so sad I cannot show her anymore due to being too big for the show ring and she loved it. She is a strong will, independent and not to be messed around with girl. I love her personality, she will let you know when she wants to be cuddled and when she wants to be left alone. The last litter to Noko was a great success.  She is extremely protective.

This time I have chosen the gentleman *Uther of Sharyleigh. What a self-contained,  independent, cool and calm male. Uther has been crowned VA(SA) and is one of our top producers.
This will be a very good litter, always willing to play and work and will be excellent protection dogs.
Ariska will be scanned on the 7th September to confirm pregnancy and to see the number of pups we can expect.

Bookings are open and a few bookings have been received!

We are expecting a few long coats in this litter!

Updates: 9.9.2021

My stern looking Ariska is also confirmed pregnant. She is so proud and walks around as if this is the best thing which can happen to her.  My vet counted 6 pups on the scan. Her progesterone level was 33.3 and she is now also on 2 capsules Utrogestan. Ariska will have a second scan on Friday, 10.9.2021.

A few bookings are still available!

Below Ariska’s scan

Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 30th October 2021
Availability: 26th December 2021

 Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse                                        *Noko of Sharyleigh
                     A+, ED 0:0, AD, BH, V                                A+,  AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

Lumiia is  one of my top   producing bitches. She has produced wonderful pups over the years and her offsprings are excelling in the show ring. I am extremely blessed to own such a quality female. She is everything I want from a German Shepherd and with Noko as the breeding partner we will get an exceptional litter of high quality.

This will not only be a litter for the family but also for showing and working. Lumiia is a Wasim daughter and Wasim has most certainly put a stamp on her offsprings.

Lumiia’s scanning date is planned 28 days after mating to confirm pregnancy and the number of pups.
Bookings are open!

A few long coats are expected in this litter!

Updates: 29.9.2021

Lumia was scanned and we can confirm her pregnancy. However, my vet could only
count 3 pups. Rather disappointing as I had hoped for a bigger litter. Unfortunately we
slipped up with taking a photo of the scan.

Juneau von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 14th November 2021
Availability: approx. 9th January 2022

         Juneau von der Weidenstrasse                                           *Noko of Sharyleigh  
                A+, ED 0:0, AD, SG                                         A+, ED 0:0, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-22, V

Juneau is a calm, laid-back mature female. She likes a quiet life and not too much activity. She is a real mother type and takes everything in her stride. I recommend this litter to anyone who wants a self-content puppy and adult later on. Juneau is a very good protection dog.

Our boy Noko, whom I love dearly, is both self-content and active. He loves to work, go with me in the car and has now demonstrated on various occasions that he will protect the driver and car selflessly. He loves to be cuddled but my word does he show his wummer when doing protection work at the club. You will not recognize this cuddle bear. For me Noko is the perfect all-round German Shepherd.

Bookings are open!

I do expect a few long coats from this combination!


Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 29th December 2021
Availability: approx. 23rd February 2022

                                  Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse                          *Noko of Sharyleigh
                                         A+, ED 0:0, AD, V                                 A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-22, V

How can I describe Ruzzia? Ruzzia, my hooligan. She is such an interesting mixture between lovable and stroppy. You never know what mood she is in. Inside the house she is a darling and just wants to be with you but outside, boy or boy, does she have energy. She is like a mustang in the wild. She has an exceptionally strong personality and her offsprings so far have inherited this trait.

This is the first time I am using Noko for her as a breeding partner.  Buyers of these puppies can expect lively and self-assured pups. They will like to work and I strongly recommend to start puppy socialization classes as soon as possible.

In her last litter, one year ago, she has produced two class winners in the breed ring and I am convinced we will have the same quality.

Bookings are open!

I do not know whether this combination will also produce long coats!