Current and Upcoming litters

We are excited to share the following updates and new litters with you. Please continue reading for more information.

Upcoming litters

Current litters

  • *Erynga von der Weidenstrasse and *Sonic vom Pfaelzer WaldAll puppies are booked
  • *Maine von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegar of Cadeau– All puppies are booked
  • Xan von der Weidenstrasse and *Nitro von Kazandi1 beautiful girl still available
  • Eleri of Sharyleigh and *Muchta vom LiebestraumAll puppies booked
  • Yeva von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleighbookings now open
  • Nivia von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of SharyleighAll puppies are booked

The parents of these litters were carefully chosen to work well together and bring out the best in their offspring.

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*Erynga von der Weidenstrasse and *Sonic vom Pfaelzer Wald
Date of Birth: 6 August 2023
Availability: 1 October 2023

My beautiful, beautiful Erynga. Erynga is the daughter of Ruzzia and Uther of Sharyleigh. She is such a striking female, with the most amazing, loveable temperament, but very feisty when she has to be. This will be her first litter, and everybody is excited and cannot wait for the pups to be born.

Erynga’s scan showed us a minimum of six pups.

It was not easy to make the right choice, but in the end I decided on Sonic vom Pfaelzer Wald whom I like. He is a dog of excellent temperament, bold, outgoing, and very protective. He is a very well-put-together male and has shown very good protection work.

This will be a very exciting litter.

All puppies are booked!


*Maine von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegar of Cadeau

Date of Birth: 7 August 2023
Availability: 2 October 2023

Maine is a very, very playful female. The more, the merrier. She shows the same enthusiasm for her protection work and for the breed ring. She often outgaited her competitors, and she loved it.

Maine is a real cuddle bug and adores her mom. Maine has had one litter, and boy, oh boy, are these pups energetic. I have kept a long-coated female Biju, and wow, does she storm into the house. I am expecting the same in this upcoming litter.

Maine’s scan showed us six pups.

*Jaegar of Cadeau is a young male I like very much. He is powerful, very masculine, has a noble expression, and is aloof. His owner, Mrs. Doret Pretorius, has her hands full with him. He is a no-nonsense male. He is always willing to work but also to play. His protection work is exemplary.

Since this is the first time I am using Jaegar, I cannot say at this stage whether we can also expect a few long coats.

All puppies are booked!

Xan von der Weidenstrasse and *Nitro von Kazandi
Date of Birth: 14 August 2023
Availability: 9 October 2023

I have difficulties describing Xan, my Jestt/Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse daughter. What is easy to describe is her appearance. She is a glamorous female, very well pigmented (red and black), of the correct size, and of excellent construction. She also has a very good coat texture.

However, describing her inner features will not be easy. I will try. Apart from being sometimes lovable, she can be obnoxious, cranky, wild, strong-willed, have a high stress tolerance, be very protective, and not submissive. I guess I have said enough.

I love this girl, although she sometimes drives me mad.

Bookings are open but going very fast!

Yeva von der Weidenstrasse and *Noko of Sharyleigh
Date of Birth: 17 September 2023
Availability: 9 October 2023

Meet Yeva, my sweet little cuddle bug. She’s a true gentle spirit, preferring the tranquillity of life over all the chaos my other girls tend to stir up. Yeva thrives on being by my side, making her an excellent guardian of our home. She loves to play and have fun with me, but the moment the gang of my other girls gathers, she insists on having her “me time.”

Noko, well, he’s simply an incredible canine companion. Not only does he boast striking good looks, but he’s also got a brain that puts Einstein to shame and the heart of a top-notch guardian. My affection for Noko knows no bounds; he embodies every ideal I seek in a German Shepherd.

Bookings are open.