Current litters

Very Exciting Litters coming up!
These litter combinations have been carefully planned to complement each other and bring out the best in the offspring’s.

Jest von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: 22nd May 2020
Available: 18th July 2020

Jest von der Weidenstrasse                                               *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse
                    A+, 0:0, AD, BH, V                                        A+, AD, BH, Angekoert (2020/2021) V(NBS)

Jest is a lively, strong willed female but has her moods. She can be extremely loving but also very bossy. She never avoids a challenge. Jest’s mother is my top female Dixie and Dixie has produced show winners. It is a very sound bloodline.
I just love Jest. She is everything I want from a dog. She is a substantial and powerful female with a very good construction. She looks like a typical brood bitch. She is affectionate, loves to be cuddled but at the same time she can be cranky.
*Jaegyr is a fiercely independent male with a self-confidence you do not find very often. He is serious and not to be messed with. His face expression tells you immediately what mood he is in. This combination will not be for people who like a cuddly dog. These pups will be independent, extremely loyal and protective. These pups need to be trained otherwise they will train you.
Jest gave me 6 healthy pups, 2 boys and 4 girls.
I have one boy and one girl left for sale.


*Zagora von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: 25th May 2020
Available: 21st July 2020

*Zagora von der Weidenstrasse                                                   *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse
A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2019/2020, V(NBS)                             A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2020/2021, V(NBS)

Zagora my sprinter, she has such impressive movement and grace; when she gaits you get goose bumps. She is a large very attractive female with a very lively temperament. For her to lie still is difficult. She has excelled in the show ring and in protection work. Her puppies have inherited her grace and liveliness.
This is a repeat litter due to the success previously. The puppies are all go getters. I love their eagerness to work. They will give you everything they got. Jaegyr and Zagora complement each other very well and I can most certainly recommend these pups to anyone who wants activity.
Unfortunately Zagora only had two pups (females) and they are booked.


*Yuka von Frechenhausen and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: 11th June 2020
Availability: 6th August 2020

*Yuka von Frechenhausen                                                    *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse
A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                                A+, AD, BH Angekoert 2020/2021, V(NBS)

My always in a good mood Yuka. She has the most amazing attitude to life. Always up for a game even now where she approaches 8 years of age. She never sulks, accepts reprimands with grace and with a smile on her face. This will be her last litter.
I would love to find a good retirement home for her as she is not doing well with my other females in the house. She is extremely healthy and has never been sick.
She has produced such strong willed pups who like to work and protect. They are not always easy to train as they do not like being dominated. You get more out of them with kindness and motivation.
You might wonder why I have used Jaegyr extensively . The reason being the demand for his pups and especially the Yuka/Jaegyr combination.
Jaegyr and Yuka are both powerful dogs with an extremely strong temperament. Fantastic family protection dogs.
Yuka was scanned and we saw between 5 and 6 pups. Bookings have been received!


Hachika von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: Expected 23rd June 2020
Expected Availability: 21st August 2020

Hachika von der Weidestrasse                                       H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
A+, AD, BH, V                                                                  A+, AD, BH, V

Hachika is a handful. Not only because she is a large and substantial female but also the way she greets you, the way she works, the way she protects you. Everything is done with full force. When you tell her it is enough, she looks at you completely innocently and saying what is wrong with you, are you a sissy!!!
In order to calm the pups down a bit, I have decided to use H-Apache. I have written a lot about this boy and his serene character. He is calm, cool and collected but don’t provoke him. He will protect you with everything he got. He is just amazing. So far all the clients who have Apache pups are extremely happy with them.
These puppies will be hardy, not fuzzy and easy to maintain
Yuka has been scanned we counted 8 pups. Bookings for 4 pups have been received.
A few long coat pups will be expected in this litter!


Haiti von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: Expected 6th July 2020
Expected Availability: 31st August 2020

Haiti von der Weidenstrasse                                      H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
A+, AD, BH, SG                                                                  A+, AD, BH, V

Haiti my mellow girl, sweet and innocent. She loves to take my arm and walk around with me, exactly like her mother Dixie. It is so interesting to see how certain traits are just reproduced and since all my dogs are very close to me I can see how they are and what traits they have inherited. Haiti is a very good looking female with great color. She is now being worked for her qualifications. Of course during pregnancy she has a rest.
I would not classify Haiti as a go getter. She is happy to be around me, play outside for a bit but then back to mummy. This is her first litter and I decided on Apache to strengthen the temperament of the pups.
These will be happy go lucky pups with a bit of seriousness from dad and an excellent protective instinct.
Haiti will be scanned on the 4.6.2020 to confirm pregnancy and the number of pups we can expect.
They will make great family pets!