Current litters

Very Exciting Litters coming up!
These litter combinations have been carefully planned to complement each other and bring out the best in the offspring’s.



Date of Birth:: 22nd September 2019
Availability: 18th November 2019
Jestt von der Weidenstrasse and *Baron vom Bierstadterhof

Jestt von der Weidenstrase                                                    *Baron vom Bierstadterhof        
          A+, AD, BH, V                                                               A+, AD,BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

This is a repeat litter!

Due to the success of the first litter I have decided to repeat it. This was a match made in heaven. The offsprings are very typey of their parents and have inherited their jest for life, boldness, lovable natures and spirit. Although they are still young, they show the potential of being whatever the owner wants them to be.

Jest herself is my baby and what a loyal dog. She is always there to protect me. She is cheeky, challenging, super protection dog and not corruptible. She is definitely mummy’s girl.

Baron was our National Breed Show Sieger in 2018 and a very handsome male, rather arrogant and could not give a damn about strangers and will let you know whether he likes you or not. He is very masculine and has an impressive temperament.

Jest was scanned and my vet saw 6 pups. Bookings have come in fast and furious and I have now orders from Mocambique, Zambia and Kenya.

This combination will also produce long coats!

Date of Birth: 27th September 2019
Availability: 23rd November 2019
Dixie von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

Dixie von der Weidenstrasse                                                    *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse             
                                  A+, AD, BH, V                                                        A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2020-2021, V(NBS)                        

My beautiful, beautiful Dixie. In her prime time she was such a flashy, noble and graceful girl. It took my breath away just watching her move in the show ring. But she was also rather scatter brained. If she saw something flying in the air she would stop and watch. It did not matter what she was doing at the time. At times that was rather embarrassing especially when she did protection work and stopped midstream.

Dixie turned out to be one of my foundation bitches and I am very protective over her. It is like a mother not allowing anybody to bad mouth their children.

Due to her soft temperament I now have used Jaegyr to give me a bit more wummer and boy oh boy does he pass this trait on to his offsprings. Jaegyr is an extremely independent dog with an exceptionally developed protective instinct. You never have to worry about anything if he is around. Although his offsprings are still young, they already show this strong protective instinct.

Dixie was also scanned and we saw 6 pups. She is getting so big that I feel sorry for her wobbling around.

Bookings have been received also a few from African countries!

I am expecting a few long coats in this litter!

Date of Birth: 19th October 2019
Availability: 16th December 2019

*Zagora von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

*Zagora von der Weidenstrasse                                                  *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse          
                  A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2018-19, V(NBS)                                         A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2020-21, V(NBS)                  

Zagora is a sensitive, very feminine and attractive female. I would call her my spirited one. Zagora is an extremely good protection dog and any offspring from her and Jaegyr will give the family peace of mind. Zagora is on the large side and I have seen in her previous offsprings that they are powerful and of very good bone strength.

Jaegyr of course is in a league of his own. I do not think I know any other dog like him with such self-assurance. He is stern but also very lovable especially with children. He is extremely bold, a bomb could explode next to him and his face expression would not change.

Anybody being interested in this litter combination needs to train the pups or they will take over.

Zagora was scanned and my vet counted 7 pups. I have received bookings but can take a few more.

Long coats are expected in this litter!

Expected Date of Birth:  18th October 2019
Availability: 15th December 2019
*Genara von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

                             *Genara von der Weidenstrasse                                                     *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse                                                                      A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                                         A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2020-21, V(NBS)                                   

Genara belongs to my friend Sue Mudge and is being bred under my kennel name. If I have to describe Genara in human terms, I would say she is a bit of a wild child. She is bold, fun loving, loves to work and very mischievous. Genara is an excellent family and protection dog. Genara produced a very good litter to Oslo von Kazandi.

This time we have decided to use Jaegyr. If buyers are interested in large, powerful and very protective pups, this is the litter to go for.  These pups will love to work and be engaged.

I have described Jaegyr under the litter combination with Zagora. I just would like to add that the offsprings from this combination might be a bit too much for people who just want a pet.

Bookings are open!

A few long coats are expected!

Expected Date of Birth: 9th November 2019
Availability: 7th January 2020
Taza von Frechenhausen and *Pancho von der Weidenstrasse

Taza von Frechenhausen                                          *Pancho von der Weidenstrasse
                                                 A+, AD, BH, V                                                            A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                                       

This is another challenging female. Apart from being a powerful, strong minded female, she is also extremely independent, never stands back for anything or anybody. She is a super protection dog and fearless.  This is the second time I am using Pancho and my expectations are again high. The temperament of the pups was outstanding.

I had sold Pancho last year to Prof. Adele Botha and boy oh boy is he spoilt. Only the best for him. Pancho most certainly deserves this. Pancho, being a Wasim son, is the most cool, calm and collected boy, totally the opposite to Wasim. Pancho himself is a large boy with a very good masculinity and bone strength. He is extremely loyal and will not leave your side.

This is the second time I am having a litter from Taza and Pancho. The offsprings are incredibly strong not only in mind but also temperament and ideal for farmers. They are hardy and very protective and due to their physique daunting .

Taza does not produce large litters and any person interested in this combination should not wait too long to book.

Bookings open!


Expected Date of Birth: 7th November 2019
Availability: 2nd January 2020

Yasha von der Weidenstrasse and *Uther of Sharyleigh

Yasha von der Weidenstrasse                                                          *Uther of Sharyleigh
                                               A+, AD, BH, SG                                                        A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)                    

Yasha is a very young female and this will be her first litter. My expectations are high as she is a very beautiful girl and very charming. She is sweet and adorable. Life is great for her and adventuress. Nothing nasty exists in her life. I am expecting a litter of high quality and very good looks.

Uther, who achieved his very deserved VA grading at our this year’s National Breed Show, is such a jolly fellow, ideal family dog with a super disposition. I have used Uther quite a few times and all his offsprings are very lively with good drive and workability.

I can visualize these pups rather be walking in Sandton than on a farm where life is more robust. They will not have the hardiness of Taza’s offsprings.

Bookings are open!


Expected Date of Birth: 19th November 2019
Availability: 14th January 2020

Yuka von Frechenhausen and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse

                                   *Yuka von Frechenhausen                                                    *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse                               
                              A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V                                       A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2020-21, V(NBS)                                 

The only way I can describe Yuka is by saying she is an absolute powerhouse, strong willed, very independent, fearless but very loyal and protective. This litter is for people who would like a strong, well balanced puppy. They will have a mind of their own and most certainly need to be trained or they will take over the household.

I took Yuka over from my friend a few years ago as she goes back to my breeding. She works exceptionally well and bites like a bomb. She is absolutely fearless and jumps any fences. This is also the reason why her ears are not looking as good anymore. She jumped a fence at my friend’s place with razor wire on top. Unfortunately she injured her ears. It is a great pity but I am ecstatic to have her in my breeding program.

This is the second time I am using Jaegyr and as a breeder it makes me extremely happy to have such good feedback from the owners of these offsprings. These pups are no nonsense pups and need to be trained. It is not a litter for the soft hearted and I also would not recommend this litter to elderly people. They will be too much of a handful.

I did not have a long coat in the last litter.

Bookings are open!