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The parents of these litters were carefully chosen to work well together and bring out the best in their offspring.

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Siola von der Weidenstrassse and Blaze von der Weidenstrasse
Date of Birth: 29 May 2024
Availability: Booked

Siola von der Weidenstrasse’s character exemplifies the breed’s best qualities. With a super-lovable nature and a stable temperament, Siola thrives on human interaction and is always eager for a cuddle. Her joyous demeanour makes her a delightful companion, always happy to be around people, radiating warmth and affection. Despite her gentle and friendly nature, Siola is also very protective and remains alert to her surroundings. This blend of traits makes her not only a beloved bed buddy in the Weidenstrasse family but also a dependable guardian. 

Blaze von der Weidenstrasse is an impressively large German Shepherd with a striking coat that captures attention wherever he goes. His lush, vivid colouring and gentle, teddy bear-like demeanour make him a favourite among those who meet him. Blaze has a particular fondness for his ball and is always enthusiastic about a lively game of tug, displaying his playful and energetic spirit. Although he’s not a fan of having his tail combed, Blaze can be persuaded to tolerate it when offered the right treat. This lovable giant’s blend of charming looks and sweet temperament is, however, only for his family and for those that he loves. He is very protective, and it will take a very brave person to willingly cross his path without a proper introduction.

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