Current litters

Very Exciting Litters coming up!
These litter combinations have been carefully planned to complement each other and bring out the best in the offspring’s.

Long Stockhair Litter
Date of Birth: 28th January 2020
Availability: 24th March 2020
Eleri of Sharyleigh and Qivo von Kazandi

Eleri of Sharyleigh                                   Qivo von Kazandi
                     A+, AD, BH, V                         A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V(NBS)

The combination Eleri and Qivo works every time. The pups are of high quality not only in looks but also temperament and colour. Anyone who likes a dark mask can never go wrong with a puppy from this combination.

Eleri is such a beautiful creature with her deep copper and black colour. She is of absolute medium size, substantial and very well constructed. In the show ring she just glides along with hardly touching the ground. She is like a carefree child who just loves life. These pups are very easy to train.

Qivo is a very handsome boy with an easy go lucky temperament. He is protective but sees his role more as a family dog.

The puppies were born on the 28th January and are all booked.

Date of Birth: 16th February 2020
Availability: 11th April 2020
Ukaya von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse

Ukaya von der Weidenstrasse         H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
                       A+, AD, BH, SG                         A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-2022, V

Ukaya had her pups on the 16th February. She was very kind to me to whelp during the day.  She had 4 boys and 2 girls. As it looks now, she has one girl being a long coat, the others are short coats.

Ukaya is one of my most protective dogs around and she most certainly is very fuzzy whom she allows into the house. She has an absolutely lovely nature. She is a very big girl and powerful. Unfortunately the judges were not happy with her size and therefore I stopped showing her.

She produces very honest, self-assured pups with a love for being companions.  They love to please.
Anybody who wants a big dog cannot go wrong to get a pup from this combination.

H-Apache is one of my very favourite males. His character is exemplary, a no nonsense dog but still with a sense of humour. He is extremely protective and not to be messed with. This very good trait he is passing on to his offsprings. However, these puppies need to be trained as they can be quite headstrong.

I have one boy and one girl (short coats) still available!

Date of Birth: 1st March 2020
Availability: 26th April 2020
Nivea von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse         

Nivea von der Weidenstrasse             *Sykes vom Pfaelzer Wald
                         A+, AD, BH, V                     A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

Nivea my lap dog. She is such an affectionate girl but deep down simmers a volcano. She is a very interesting female. She does not care much for other dogs but rather lies at my feet wherever I am. She is not pushy and  does not like confrontations. Her life revolves around being my protector. Nivea is a large female with excellent conformation, no extremes and of course she has a lovely colour.
I decided to use the very attractive boy Sykes. He is one of our top VA(SA)’s in the country. He is such a laid back boy, a little bit like his owner Mr Steven Urry. I was extremely grateful that Steven allowed me to keep Sykes with me for the matings. Sykes is an absolute gentleman and I would take him any day. I really enjoyed this male. He is calm, confident , a man of the world so to speak.
This is a super combination and the pups being now 4 days old show already their strength, compactness and of course superb colour.

I have 2 boys and 6 girls. Unfortunately there are only 2 girls left.


Date of Birth: expected 8th March 2020
Availability:  8 weeks from date of birth
*Wonja von Frechenhausen and *Baron vom Bierstadterhof  

*Wonja von Frechenhausen                  *Baron vom Bierstadterhof
     A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, V    A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

Wonja is such a delightful, playful and loving female. I have had her now for a number of years and she has won my heart. I love her drive and her protectiveness. She is of medium size, very good construction and just a happy child. If she wants your attention, she picks up a cone or a toy and throws it at you as if to say, now come and play with me. She has only be shown once and was placed V3 in her first show. The judge was very impressed. He actually said to me: where have you hidden her.
She has and still is an excellent producer. However, this will be her last litter and I hope to keep another baby of hers.
Unfortunately this will be a small litter. The scan showed 4 pups and I have a booking for a boy.  These pups will be full of spunk and will keep you busy. I strongly suggest that whoever has a pup from this litter to train them. It will be easy to train them.
Baron is such a good looking boy and rather arrogant.  He sort of looks at you and says what do you want, I don’t know you and I am not interested in getting to know you. Baron has been ur Sieger (Champion) and also won the progeny group. He is an excellent producer. This makes this litter so exciting.

Date of Birth: expected 30th March 2020
Availability: 8 weeks from date of birth
Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse and *Armani vom Haus Teichert   

  Lumiia von der Weidenstrasse                  Armani vom Haus Teichert
                       A+, AD, BH,V                        A+, AD, BH, Angekoert for Life, VA(SA)

Lumiia my gentle soul.  I absolutely adore that female. She is always in the background and when she wants attention she jumps on my lap for a cuddle. She puts her head next to mine and I rub her ears. It has become like a ritual.
Lumiia is a beautiful daughter of my top female Dixie (who is retired) and produces the quality like her mum. Lumiia is a female for people who like an affectionate dog.  Her pups make great family dogs and love to go on outings.
I finally managed to get a mating with Armani, also one of our top VA(SA)’s in the country.  This male has got spirit and super temperament. He adores his owner Mrs Liz Wragg and is extremely protective. Armani is of very high quality and I hope I will get some cracker jacks.
Lumiia was scanned and my vet counted between 5 and 6 pups.  Bookings have been received.

Date of Birth: Expected 14th April 2020
Availability: 8 weeks from date of birth
Juneau von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse         

Juneau von der Weidenstrasse        H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
                      A+, AD, BH, SG                        A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-2022, V

Juneau, my softie. She has most certainly inherited the softer traits of mum and dad. Juneau is a bundle of love and affection. She has excellent colour and I really hope that she will pass this on. She is a very playful female who likes to chase anything which moves.
This is Juneau’s first litter and I cannot wait to find out how many puppies she is carrying. She will be scanned on the 13.3. to confirm pregnancy and number of pups.
As her first time partner I selected Apache whom I have written a lot about. Apache will give this litter the protectiveness we love in our German Shepherds. He is just a fantastic dog and is producing very, very well.

Bookings are open!

Long Stockhair Litter
Date of Birth: Expected 16th April 2020
Availability: 8 weeks from date of birth
U-Nikita von der Weidenstrasse and Qivo von Kazandi           

U-Nikita von der Weidenstrasse                Qivo von Kazandi
                              A+, AD, V                           A+,AD,BH,Angekort for Life, V(NBS)

My beautiful girl Nikita. I am so lucky to have been able to rescue her from the Police. She was sold as an 8 week old pup to people in the Free State. The owner then gave her away to people in Ladybrand who in turn did not keep her and she ended up at the Police in Bethlehem. 
It is such a crying shame what people are doing to animals if they do not turn out to their liking. Fortunately the Operating Commander of the K9 section realised that this quality bitch does not belong in the police and contacted me. I got her back within a few days.
My gratitude goes to the Operating Commander of the K9 section Bethlehem.
Nikita is such a sweetie, extremely well adjusted and always happy. Meanwhile I have shown her and she came second in her first show. She has an excellent bloodline and I cannot wait for her first litter.
I have mated her to the very good stud dog Qivo whom I used extensively due to the quality I get from him. Qivo himself is a well adjusted dog with a very good temperament. He does not only have beauty but also brain.
Nikita will be scanned middle of March to confirm her pregnancy and to see how many pups I can expect.

Bookings are open!


Date of Birth: Expected 21st April 2020
Availability: 8 weeks from date of birth
Ariska von der Weidenstrasse and H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse     

Ariska von der Weidenstrasse             H-Apache von der Weidenstrasse
                     A+, AD, BH, V                             A+, AD, BH, Angekoert 2021-2022, V

Ariska is a busy girl. She loves to be entertained and wants to do things.  Ariska is also very affectionate. This will be Ariska’s first litter and I am expected very good quality pups.

I like Ariska being lovable but also a very good protection dog and the combination with Apache will give you pups who will die for their family. They will be bold and self-confident.  Since Ariska and Apache are not on the small side you can expect large dogs once they are fully grown.

Ariska will be scanned on the 20.3. to confirm pregnancy and the number of pups I can expect.

Bookings are open!

Date of Birth: Expected 29th April 2020
Availability: 8 weeks from date of birth
Chanell von der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse 

Chanell von der Weidenstrasse                 *Jaegyr von der Weidenstrasse 
             A+, AD, BH, V                     A+ AD BH, Angekoert 2020-2021, V(NBS)

Chanell, my bundle of energy.  She would be the ideal long distance runner. She is dry and firm and not the cuddly one. Chanell is a very awake dog who never misses anything either inside or outside. Over the years she has calmed down a bit but still will let me know if someone is approaching. She is a wonderful companion dog. Chanell did very well in the show ring.

Her breeding partner Jaegyr is an extremely self-confident dog. Nothing ever bothers him, he is not scared of anything. He is exceptionally protective and the pups from him are not for the soft hearted. They will have to be trained.

Bookings are open!