von der Weidenstrasse


Date of Birth:03.09.2014

Tattoo Number: FM2820

Hip Grading: A+

Breed Grading: V (excellent)

Angekoert 2017- 2018 – TSB pronounced

Working qualifications: AD, BH, UPR 1

Sire: *Wodan vom Laerchenhain, Normal, AD, BH, SchH 2, Angekoert f Life, VA(SA)

Dam: *Olympia von der Weidenstrasse, A-, AD, Angekoert 2017-2018, V


Mrs Stephanie du Toit of Bryanston, Phone Number 083 444 2888

Breed Survey

Breed Surveyor: Judge Rainer Mast (Germany)

A large, powerful and substantial male with good body proportions and good pigmentation. Powerful, masculine head, good expression. High wither, straight back. The croup should be slightly longer. Very good hind- and good forehand angulation. Balanced chest proportions. Correct in front. Correct going and coming. Powerful movement with good forward reach. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounce; dog does not release.

Particular virtues and faults

A powerful, substantial male with a good head.

Breeding recommendations

Suitable for all females, but consider size.