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Weidenstrasse Zwinger has been serving the global community of German Shepherd Dog lovers since 1996.

We offer a professional, friendly, quality service based on 22 years of breeding top class dogs.

Zwinger von der Weidenstrasse is affiliated to the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa and holds its highest breeder award, the prestigious Double Diamond Breeder Medal. This award is conferred on kennels who have demonstrated a consistent ability to breed dogs of the very highest caliber in both breed and trial competition and qualification events.


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IMPORTANT BREEDING PRINCIPLES  (power point presentation) 


Prize giving Jabari VA 1 2016

Long Stock Hair Sieger – National Breed Show 2016 and 2017
*Jabari von der Weidenstrasse, VA(SA),
Sire: *Quentin von der Baiertalerstrasse, VA(SA)
Dam: Dixie von der Weidenstrasse, V
With his Team:
Nadine Bauer, his handler from Germany (front row)
Maren von der Heyde, Breeder (from left to right)
Charlie Baloyi (ring craft trainer and handler)  Marguerite Davis (owner)

Wasim (5)

*Wasim von der Weidenstrasse, V
Sire: *Paul vom Bierstadter Hof, VA
Dam: *Fanda von der Weidenstrasse, V(NS)

Wasim’s offsprings having been shown at the National Breed Show 2016 and did very well.

Avici (5)Class Winner NBS 2016
Avicii of Sharyleigh

Alejandro of Sharyleigh CT show winnerClass Winner Cape Town Show
Alejandro of Sharyleigh

Aztek (2)Class Winner Momenta Show
Aztek of Cadeau

Pancho (3)Vice Youth Sieger NBS 2016
Pancho von der Weidenstrasse

Lasca (3)Class Winner Magalies Show
Lasca von der Weidenstrasse

LumiaLumia von der Weidenstrasse

????????????????????????????????????Azure of Cadeau



Wasim von der Weidenstrasse’s offsprings




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Recently Sold Pups To African Countries

   2a - Takala w her boyfriend in Luanda 2b - Takala with her new friends in Luanda
Addis Ababa/Ethiopia
1 - Zoro von der Weidenstrasse with his friend in Khartoum Yamin and Zoro
                                                         Yamin and Zoro on their outing!



Read about Harto von der Weidenstrasse and his amazing journey to become Universalsieger 2008

Harto von der Weidenstrasse was the second dog having achieved this prestigious title since the beginning of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa .

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At Weidenstrasse Zwinger, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

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