von der Weidenstrasse

Date of Birth: 19.08.2014

Tattoo Number: FM2811

Hip Grading: A+

Breed Grading: V(NBS)

AngekoertFor Life

Working qualifications: AD, BH, UPR 1, IPO 3

Sire: *Wodan vom Laerchenhain, AD, BH, SchH2, Angeoert f Life, VA(SA)

Dam: Gemma of Cadeau, A+, AD, V


Mr. Hennie Kotze of Centurion, Phone Number: 082 558 3858

Breed Survey

Breed Surveyor: Mr Heinz Scheerer (Germany)

An over medium sized, medium strong, expressive male. High wither, straight back. Slightly short croup. The upper arm should be longer and better angulated, correct hind angulation. Good chest proportions. Correct in front. Correct going and coming. Good, far-reaching gait. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced; dog does not release.

Particular virtues and faults

An expressive, well pigmented male with a good topline.

Breeding Recommendations

Pay attention to correct length of the croup as well as length of the upper arm when selected breeding partners.

Dexton von der Weidenstrasse Show Resuslts 2015 / 2016



Mon Ami Show:                              1st Class 4

Momenta “No Frills” Show:        1st Class 4

Centurion Show:                            2nd Class 6

Momenta (2) Show:                      1st Class 6

Magalies Show:                              1st Class 6


Johannesburg Show:                     1st Class 6

Midrand Show:                               1st Class 8

                                  Phoenix Show:                                1st Class 8 & Breed Surveyed

National Breed Show:                   3rd Class 8

Centurion Show:                            4th Class 10

  Mon Ami Show:                              2nd Class 10