Space, Shelter, Love and Attention

Weidenstrasse Zwinger is committed to providing our dogs with the very best that they can have. We treat our dogs as family members, each one receiving individual treatment each and every day of the year. When not save and secure in their kennels they have free run of our large property or are engaged in breed or Schutzhund work to ensure they are always in top condition both physically and mentally.

Puppies, once weaned from their mothers have a special place in our Zwinger. Socialized from day 1 with a constant flow of people, dogs and learning they are confident, curious and bold.

Our breeding bitches have their own private spaces,
and raise their litters initially in the security of whelping boxes inside the house.

Our kennel runs are all on grass and dirt, no confining artificial concrete runs are used. Each houses a spacious wooden retreat providing shade from the sun and a dry place when the soaking rains of summer arrive.

Weidenstrasse dogs can be noisy, sometimes boisterous but always happy. You will see the difference our approach to breeding makes when you visit our Zwinger.