von der Weidenstrasse

Prize giving Jabari VA 1 2016

Jabari w. Nadine NBS 2015

A+, AD, BH, IPO 1, Angekoert for Life,  TSB pronounced, VA(SA)
Sire: *Quentin von der Baiertalerstrasse, Normal, AD,BH, Angekoert f Life, VA(SA)
Dam: Dixie von der Weidenstrasse, A+, AD, BH, V
Mrs. M. Davis of Northcliff, Phone Number: 082 852 0379

Breed Survey
An upper medium sized, medium strong and substantial male with correct body proportions and very good pigmentation. Very good, expressive head with a dark mask. High wither with a straight back. The croup is of the correct lay but could be slightly longer. Very good fore- and hind angulations. Correct in front. Slightly narrow going, correct coming. Balanced side gait wih good hind thrust and good forward reach. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced, dog does not release.

NBS 2015
Class Winner Long Stock Hair Category SG 1
Erich Boesl

Large, powerful, very good type and expression. High wither. Good length and lay of the croup. Very good fore- and hind angulations, balanced chest proportions. Correct in front, correct coming and going. Good movement.

NBS 2016
Class Winner Long Stock Hair Category – VA(SA)
Herr Lothar Quoll – (Bundeszuchtwart – Germany)
An over medium sized, medium strong, substantial, dry, masculine dog with good body proportions. Expressive head with a dark mask and dark eyes.
High wither with a firm back. The croup is slightly steep. Very good forehand and hind angulations.
Balanced chest proportions.
Correct in front. Correct going and coming. Very good movement with powerful hind thrust and free forward reach.
TSB: Pronounced, dog releases. 4/5


NBS 2017
Class Winner Long Stock Hair Category – VA(SA)




Jabari w Marguerite NBS 2015