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Suma von der Weidenstrasse (long coat)

Date of Birth: 4th July 2012

Suma, my jolly girl.  She is one of the most lovely dogs I have ever bred. She still belongs to clients of mine in Atlanta but it looks as if they have given up on her although she was supposed to follow the owners in 2014. She is very well socialized, fantastic with children, strong minded, self-confident, powerful, beautiful and I could go on and on about her.

Unfortunately her litter size is always rather small.

Suma (call name Freya) is not very tolerant with other female dogs.

I am very sad to have to let her go but I do not want to breed with her anymore.
She is still of an age to give someone many many years of pleasure. In my opinion she is bomb proof. I also would like her to go to a home where she will be an inside dog. She deserves it.

I will only let her go to an approved home.

Please contact the undersigned on 082 489 5699 or by email maren.vonder.heyde@gmail.com.

Maren von der Heyde
Zwinger von der Weidenstrasse
29th September 2017