von der Rieser Perle

Normal, BH, AD, IPO 1, Angekoert  (for Life), VA(SA)

Sire: *Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt, Kkl. 1 for Life, BH, AD, VA (Germany), SchH 3

Dam: *Oduscha von der Rieser Perle, Angekoert (2009-2010), BH, AD, V, SchH 2


Mr MY Kazi, Pretoria, Cell phone: 083 786 0500

Breed Survey Report

Very large, expressive male with good proportions, very good pigmentation and a very good expression. Very expressive, masculine head. High wither, the back is slightly roached. The croup is well laid, but should be slight longer. Good fore- and under chest. The upper arm should be longer and better laid. The hind quarters are very well angulated. Correct in front. Correct coming and going. Very good hind thrust and good forward reach. Falls slightly on the forehand. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced; dog releases.

Particular virtues and faults

For the improvement of pigment

Vopo von der Rieser Perle in Germany

Vopo vd Rieser Perle's arrival in South Africa 2012

Vopo von der Rieser Perle, gaiting 2012