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Benson headshot NBS2010

A+, AD, BH, Kkl. 1 for Life, VA (SA)

Sire: *Hill vom Farbenspiel, Normal, SchH 3, Kkl. 1 for Life, VA (Germany)

Dam: *Vanta van de Herdersfarm, A+, AD, BH, SchH 1, Kkl. 1, V


Mrs D Tarr and Mr GS Ah Now,

128/1 Hilton Road, Linbro Park, Cell phone: 082 441 0685

Breed Survey Report

Large, medium strong, very dry and firm dog with correct proportions. Strong head. High

wither, firm back. Correct length and lay of the croup. Correct chest proportions. Correct in

front. Correct coming, narrow going. Good forward reach and very good drive. Drive, selfassurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced; dog releases.

Particular virtues: Dog with very good proportions and very good firmness. Breeding

recommendations: Can be used for bitches which are slightly stretched.

RS: Presented in very good condition. Firm character. TSB pronounced; dog releases.

NBS 2010 Critique – Judge Mr Reinhardt Meyer

Medium size, good substance, strong, firm and dry. Good proportions, good gender

characteristics, high wither, firm, correct back, good lay of a slightly short croup, good front and

rear angulations, good chest, correct front, correct going and coming, outreaching movements

Benson in stance with Martin Schneider

Benson in full flight