*Bix von Arlett  – Sieger NBS 2014

normal, AD, BH, SchH2, Kkl. 1 (2011-2012), VA (SA)

Sire:  *Furbo degli Achei, normal, ED normal, SchH 3/IPO 2, VA (Germany)

Dam: *Ussi von Buchonia, normal, SchH 2, FH 1, V (BSZS)


Mr J & Mrs S Moffett of Linbro Park, Cell phone: 083 709 3111

Breed Survey Report

Large, powerful, very typical and expressive, of correct height to length proportions. High wither,  firm back,  very good length and lay of croup, balanced chest proportions, correct front. Coming and going correct, shows far reaching movement with very free front reach and powerful hind thrust. TSB pronounced, dog releases.
Breed Survey for Life:
Particular virtues:  very harmonious overall appearance
Breeding recommendations: Especially suitable for the improvement of height to length proportions and movment.