Despite the chilly weather, Team Weidenstrasse had a remarkable outing at the recent competition hosted by the Centurion GSD Club. We were thrilled to have two of our finest dogs, Lauri von Grehenheim and *River von der Weidenstrasse, represent our kennel with grace and excellence.

Lauri von Grehenheim outshone the competition, securing first place in Class 13—a testament to her impeccable training and spirit. *River von der Weidenstrasse also performed admirably, achieving fourth place in Class 10. Congratulations Danielle Coetzee (owner)

A heartfelt thank you to the Centurion GSD Club for their unwavering support and to everyone who braved the cold to cheer us on. AND THANK YOU TO PHILIP AND SANDRA our two incredible handlers!!!!! Without your dedication we are toast!

We are incredibly proud of our team’s achievements and the exceptional performance of Lauri and River.