Juneau von der Weidenstrasse

Born: 28 January 2018

My precious *Pancho von der Weidenstrasse daughter has given us, over the years, very many beautiful puppies that have been giving joy to many families. It is now time for her to retire and she deserves a loving and kind human of her own. She is not dog aggressive and will love to go for walks, and generally be quiet loving company. She is not a demanding darling and rather fades into the background than to demand attention. Juneau will fit in perfectly with a less active household that is looking for company rather than an adventure partner.


Yeva von der Weidenstrasse

Born: 28 February 2019

Yeva is going on early retirement on the recommendations of the vet as she will not be able to have puppies again…. and she was such a super mom! Now it is time for her to have her own humans and not share with her kennel sisters! This lovely girl is too young to go to our old age home and is ready for the next phase of her life. She loves life and has boundless energy. She will be ideal for a family that wants a German Shepherd but wants to skip the house training, and the digging phase of a youngster.


While you are here, we can share some photos of our very special oldies. 

Jest von der Weidenstrasse is one of our retired ladies. Her days are spent laying under a tree, looking after the front gate and checking up on everyone. She is 11 years old and still an active, loving part of the Kennel. She is NOT available for adoption, but is just too precious not to showcase.