Our Commitment to Excellence at Weidenstrasse Zwinger

We believe in providing the best we can for our dogs, treating each one as a cherished family member. Our dogs receive personalised care every day, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Our spacious property offers freedom and security, where our dogs can roam freely or engage in breed-specific training. This rigorous activity regimen keeps them in peak physical and mental condition.

From the moment our puppies are weaned, they hold a special place at our Kennel. They are socialised from day one with a steady stream of people, fellow dogs, and new experiences, fostering their confidence, curiosity, and boldness.

Our breeding bitches enjoy their own private areas and nurture their litters in the safety of whelping boxes within our home, ensuring a secure and loving start for our puppies.

We pride ourselves on our natural approach to kennel design. All our kennel runs are grass and dirt, avoiding the use of confining artificial surfaces. Each run features a spacious wooden shelter that provides protection from the sun and a cosy retreat during the rainy season. We, however, prefer our dogs to have the freedom to run, play, and engage with one another. Our oldies spend most of their days enjoying their own couch or a nice, shady spot under a tree.

Though sometimes noisy and boisterous, Weidenstrasse dogs are always joyful, a testament to our nurturing approach. When you visit our Zwinger, you’ll immediately see the difference this makes.