Questions often arise about the symbols accompanying a dog’s name in its pedigree. While pedigrees provide definitions for these abbreviations and symbols, buyers typically receive this information well after the initial purchase, leaving many unclear about their meanings at the time they acquire their new pet.

Below, the significance of these symbols is explained:

Breed Valuations/Show Grading:

VA   –   Excellent Select (Germany)
VA (SA)  –   Excellent Select (South Africa)
V (BSZS)  –   Excellent (German Sieger Show)
V (LGZS)  –   Excellent (German Provincial Show)
V (NBS)   –   Excellent (National Breed Show, SA)
V   –  Excellent
SG  –   Very Good
G   –   Good

Breed Survey (BS)

*Angekoert    –   Breed surveyed
*Angekoert (pronounced)     –   was Kkl. 1 before (changed 1.1.2012)
*Angekoert (present)      –    was Kkl. 2 before (changed 1.1.2012)

Hip Dysplasia Gradings (HD)

‘a’    –    Accepted For Breeding (Germany)
A     –    Accepted for Breeding (South Africa)
A+  –    Recommended for Breeding
Ao/A-    –    Acceptable for Breeding

Training Qualifications (TQ)

SchH 1/2/3   –    Protection Dog 1/2/3
IP 1/2/3   –    International Trial 1/2/3
IWT 1/2/3     –    International Trial 1/2/3
FH 1/2     –    Tracker Dog 1/2
HGH     –    Herding Dog
BH     –     Companion dog
AD     –     Endurance

Note:    –    Qualifications may indicate

BSP    –    German National Working Trial
NTS    –    SA National Working Trial

DNA     –    DNA profiled or proven