Current and Upcoming Litters

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Maine van der Weidenstrasse and *Jaegyr of Cadeau

*Maine von der Weidenstrasse is an exuberant female, radiating the joy of life in everything she does. Her enthusiasm shines through both in her protection work and in the breed ring, where her lively spirit stands out. Maine is a true cuddle bug, deeply attached to her family and spreading love wherever she goes. Having had several litters, we know her puppies have boundless energy and has inherited their mums love to please. Jaegyr of Cadeau is an impressive male with a commanding presence. He exudes power and masculinity, complemented by a noble expression and a slightly aloof demeanour. His owner, Mrs. Doret Pretorius, certainly has her hands full with this lovely boy. Having used Jaegyr multiple times in breeding, he has consistently produced puppies with excellent temperaments. The pairing of Maine and Jaegyr promises a litter of striking, energetic puppies ready for any adventure.

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*Erynga von der Weidenstrasse & *River von der Weidenstrasse

Approximate Due Date: 14/07/2024

*Erynga von der Weidenstrasse: My beautiful, beautiful Erynga. Erynga is a daughter of Ruzzia von der Weidenstrasse and *Uther of Sharyleigh. She stands out as a strikingly elegant female, radiating charm with her lovable temperament. Yet, don’t be deceived by her gentle demeanour; she possesses a feisty spirit when the situation calls for it. Erynga’s unique blend of grace and vigour makes her the Marilyn Monroe of the kennel.

*River von der Weidenstrasse: Meet River, a young, enthusiastic, and utterly glamorous male who brings a vibrant energy to every room he enters. With his excellent and stable temperament, River is substantial in both spirit and build. He is always eager to engage in work, revels in car rides, and remains unfazed by other dogs during his walks. Above all, River is a reservoir of love, ready to overflow with affection for those around him.

Looking Ahead: The union of Erynga and River promises a litter of puppies that are expected to inherit not only their parents’ glamorous appearances but also their stable temperaments. These puppies are anticipated to be very social, utterly lovable, yet protective, embodying the perfect blend of beauty and guardianship. We eagerly anticipate welcoming these glamorous newcomers, confident they will grow into remarkable examples of the breed.

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*Ginja von der Weidenstrasse & *Winzor von Sandferra

Born: 2/06/2024


*Ginja von der Weidenstrasse is a maternity visitor to our kennel, being a couch potato and ruler of the roost with owner John Swallow and family. She embodies a lovable and loyal spirit, coupled with an admirable tolerance for stress. Ginja’s protective nature is evident in her alert demeanour, yet it’s her passion for her ball that truly highlights her playful side.

*Winzor von Sandferra stands as a striking counterpart. His attractive features and high drive make him a standout in any setting. Winzor is the epitome of a protective guardian and a lovable teddy bear, all wrapped into one. His stable temperament ensures he is both a reliable protector and a gentle companion.

Looking ahead, the union of Ginja and Winzor promises a litter of puppies with outstanding qualities. These puppies are expected to inherit a stable temperament and a high tolerance for stress, much like their parents. Their good construction and energetic nature will make them eager participants in any work, showcasing an abundance of temperament. We eagerly anticipate this exciting litter; confident they will grow into remarkable examples of the breed.

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*Bessie von der Weidenstrasse & *Jedi of Sheroka

Born: 8/06/2024


*Bessie von der Weidenstrasse! Oh, what a darling. Klaus Jung’s lovable fur-child is currently a maternity visitor at the kennel. She’s the epitome of a lovable companion—aware, playful, and loyal to the core. Her heart is as big as her love of life!

And then there’s *Jedi of Sheroka, a glamorous, striking male with a coat that’s just the right shade of lovely. That black mask! It’s the perfect accent to his stable temperament and undeniable masculinity. But don’t let his good looks fool you; he’s a big softie at heart, just overflowing with love.

Now, picture the puppies these two will produce! Just imagine a litter bursting with life,  excellent companions, playful and full of the joys of life. They’ll be the kind of dogs that  you can’t imagine life without.

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Yeva von der Weidenstrasse & *Jaegyr of Cadeau (Heiner)

Approximate Due Date: 15/06/2024

Yeva von der Weidenstrasse is a vibrant young female bursting with play drive. Her favourite pastime? Engaging in spirited games with her ball, embodying the essence of joy in every bounce and catch. Yeva might lean more towards being a lover with her affectionate nature, but don’t be fooled—her protective instincts are sharp, ensuring no unwelcome visitors step foot on the property after hours.

Jaegyr of Cadeaux presents a striking balance to Yeva’s playful demeanour. A robust and powerful male, his very presence commands attention with a noble expression that speaks of strength and determination. Jaegyr is a no-nonsense protector whose exemplary work in protection is matched only by his willingness to engage in both work and play. His owner, Mrs. Doret Pretorius, knows all too well the challenges and joys of managing such a spirited companion.

The upcoming litter from Yeva and Jaegyr is anticipated to be social and ideal companions for active, on-the-go families. With a stable temperament and the potential to develop into well-trained members of any household, they promise to bring energy, loyalty, and protection into their new homes. We look forward to seeing these puppies grow into their roles, equipped with the qualities needed to thrive in dynamic environments.

All puppies have been reserved